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ESTEEM 2015: Looking Forward

esteem 2015

Do good. Have fun. Make an impact.

It sounds cliché, but as I started this post I was not sure what to write about. As the first post about the new ESTEEM Class of 2015, how could I encompass the diversity that is our class in one short blog post? We are doctors, nuclear engineers, opera singers, dancers, athletes, computer scientists, and chemists, to describe but a few of us. How can one word embody who we are? Indeed, I was at a loss, because there truly is not a simple answer to this question. Instead, I believe that we are unified in our mission to become entrepreneurs. We take risks, are not afraid to be wrong, and go above and beyond, yet as I looked at our class I felt that we could be summarized not in a word, but in an idea, or rather a collection of three simple ones:…

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Tonia Hap Murphy

Photo of Professor Tonia Hap Murphy

Tonia Hap Murphy, who earned an undergraduate degree in English at the University of Notre Dame and a law degree at the University of Michigan, figures her stint with Eli Lilly in Indianapolis provided valuable background for her work with ESTEEM students. Murphy, who came to Notre Dame in 1992, teaches business law to undergraduates in the Mendoza College of Business and has taught in ESTEEM since the program began.…

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. James O'Rourke

Photo of ESTEEM Faculty James O'Rourke

After James O'Rourke IV earned his bachelor of business administration in management at Notre Dame in 1968, he took a commission in the U.S. Air Force and spent years moving around the world – Pennsylvania, Ireland, New Mexico, Labrador, New York, Colorado, United Kingdom, Indiana. He picked up master’s degrees in communication from Temple University and speech from the University of New Mexico and a Ph.D. in communication from Syracuse University with further study at Cambridge University. He worked on a flight test squadron for the Air Force and taught English and communication.…

Military Spotlight: Dan Cole

Photo of Dan Cole while in the military

Dan Cole, who served in the U.S. Navy from 2000-2007, worked on two summer research fellowships at Notre Dame while he was earning a degree in electrical engineering technology at Purdue University’s College of Technology in South Bend. He developed an electromagnet that can control the direction of the magnetic field in nanomagnets.…

Military Spotlight: Michael Hood

Lieutenant Michael Hood graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2005, attended fight school, and was deployed around the world with the Navy to conduct helicopter operations until 2012, when he started teaching in the ROTC program at Notre Dame. Hood, who studied math and engineering in his undergraduate years, had become interested in technology and entrepreneurship, so he joined the ESTEEM Program.…

Military Spotlight: Niels Seim

Niels Seim had a year left in his Air Force ROTC when he graduated from Notre Dame last year with a degree in aerospace engineering. He considered pursuing an MBA before he heard about ESTEEM’s 11-month master’s degree.

“I kind of always wanted to be a business major, but I didn’t want to do it as an undergraduate,” Seim says. “I said, ‘how can I leverage the engineering stuff I’ve done the past for years moving forward, and the ESTEEM program popped up.”…

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Alan Huebner, PhD

An ESTEEM student from Alan Huebner’s statistics class two years ago stayed around Notre Dame after graduation and worked with some professors and graduate students in the College of Engineering on a new type of technology. More recently, the student enlisted Huebner to help the group with some data analysis.…

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Kathleen Eggleson, PhD

Kathleen Eggleson, who earned her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at Notre Dame, was conducting research on malaria for her Ph.D. when she recognized the vast complexity of fighting disease in the real world far beyond the laboratory.

Photo of Professor Kathleen Eggleson

“As much as we thought we were all working for a cure for malaria, it was a much more complicated problem than science could solve by itself,” she says. “Science was part of the solution, but there are other parts there – climate, culture, poverty, ineffective government—other factors that require a human side of approaching the problem. I wanted to be part of this effort to serve on the human side and

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Michael Whitt, PhD

Michael David Whitt knows about translating engineering ideas and discoveries into commercial products, from mercury-free, longer-lasting alkaline batteries to medical devices – he holds four patents and developed a noninvasive early detection method for heart disease that led to the startup Cordex Systems, where he is vice president.…

Latest Barbie: Entrepreneurship Now a Viable Career Option

Entrepreneur Ashley Kalinauskas considers Entrepreneur Barbie a friend.
Kalinaukas graduated from ESTEEM in 2013 and became the CEO of Torigen Pharmaceutials, a cancer-fighting pet vaccination startup based on the research of Dr. Mark Suckow and developed in Kalinaukas’ capstone thesis project. Entrepreneur Barbie, in a pink dress accessorized with a tablet, smartphone, and briefcase, is the latest of Mattel’s ubiquitous doll’s more than 150 careers. The doll comes in a choice of four ethnicities.…