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ESTEEM Open House: A Week In the Life of ESTEEM Students

Stop in at Notre Dame Innovation Park Friday, February 7th for the ESTEEM open house. We're going to be talking about a week in the life of an ESTEEM student, and you'll have the opportunity to meet with current students, alumni, and staff to learn more about ESTEEM's 11-month program.

Glossary of Too-Common Entrepreneurship Terms: Part 1


You, as a smart and capable entrepreneur, are probably already familiar with most, if not all all, of the following terms. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to refresh one’s memory now and again, the following glossary also opens the door to discussing whether or not many of these terms are overused and/or completely ridiculous.…

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Research shows using google (and the internet writ large) is changing the way we read, and even the way we think. What does this mean for us writ large?

Bianca Fox: ESTEEM Student Makes an Impact in Healthcare

Bianca Fox knew she wanted to be a doctor.  There was just one problem. The actual physiology, in practice, just didn’t sit well with her.  After earning her bachelor’s degree, Fox joined the 2013-2014 session as an M.S. candidate with ESTEEM and the real work began.

Tech Hardware Startups Shine at Consumer Electronics Show

“This has become a golden age for consumer electronics start-ups…[who are] providing some badly needed adrenaline and hope to a troubled consumer electronics industry that has seen growth stall and finds itself facing a projected drop in sales this year.”

Brett Ensor: ESTEEM Grad Takes “The Path Less Traveled”

Two years ago, Notre Dame’s ESTEEM Master’s Program and South Bend business leaders decided to take matters into their own hands. They developed the enFocus program, a fellowship for science, engineering, and technology (STEM) graduates hired on for one- or two-year terms. ESTEEM grad Brett Ensor is one of those fellows.


Engineering2Empower (E2E) is a start-up that is the direct result of an ESTEEM Capstone Thesis Project and the research of Professors Tracy Kijewski-Correa and Alexandros Taflanidis

Engineering Salaries: What to Expect If You Work for Someone Else

While one should not choose their profession or plot their career trajectory based solely on its financial returns, it is still an important thing to consider and take into account. To that end, one can scarcely do better than finding one of the many rewarding jobs in the world of engineering.

Mark Hubbard: ESTEEM Professor Gives Students “Commercial-Grade” Experience

Notre Dame professor and “Entrepreneur in Residence” Mark Hubbard is no stranger to building, analyzing and executing business ideas. Hubbard -- who has held a dizzying number of high-level corporate positions, has started and run a number of ventures and is even a certified architect -- helps his students get the most from his real-world experience.

Are Federal Tech Initiatives Marching in the Wrong Direction?

While technology was, no doubt, a huge part of our lives before the first election of President Obama in 2008, in the six years since he assumed the highest office in the land, it has become even more conspicuous in our day to day existence, now influencing and coloring nearly every aspect of our society and culture.