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Which is Better for an Entrepreneur - Optimism or Realism?

Starting your own business often takes something of a herculean effort.  You have to write a business plan, finding financing, determine a legal structure, register your business, obtain licenses and permits, etc., etc., etc.  And that’s just what it takes to get the darn thing off the ground; you haven’t even started the process of actually running a small business at that point.  It’s a process not for the faint of heart, one which requires a good deal of gumption just to attempt.

The Internet and Entrepreneurship

It’s no secret that the rapid commercialization of the internet in the mid-90s served as something of a game-changer for the business world. Suddenly there was this nearly endless new world of commerce to explore, blank canvass of small business possibilities.  Brick and mortar was no longer the only game in town, all you needed was clever dot-com address and enough money to host your site and you were up and running.

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article a while back which tackled the subject of whether or not entrepreneurship is a teachable skill.  Business classes have been a staple of higher education for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that entrepreneurship took off as a specific, marketable degree of its own.  

So that begs the question, can entrepreneurship actually be taught?

Green Bridge Growers: Social Entrepreneurs

Green Bridge Growers is an "innovative social venture" providing jobs and hope for young adults with autism, and while doing so, bringing some delicious and wholesome food to the table. The project, founded in South Bend, IN, has partnered with the ESTEEM program and many other local non-profits to create a venture that is both impactful and sustainable. 

Entrepreneurs and the 40 Hour Work Week

Whereas the main focus of our first article was the topic of whether or not entrepreneurs are able to find time to go on vacation, one key component of Yodle’s survey was what type of work-life balance a typical small business owner is able to maintain.  Specifically, just how many hours does an entrepreneur generally log in a normal week?


Making Time for Time Off

To someone on the outside looking in, the life of a small business owner might seem like one long, fun-in-the-sun filled vacation.  You get to be your own boss, you make your own hours, and your day is comprised predominantly of client schmoozing and liquid lunch meetings. Piece of cake, right?

Positive Indicators for Entrepreneurs

This just in:  A bit of good news about the economy for once!

In what can only be described as a landmark achievement for the traditionally dour mainstream news markets, two separate articles highlighting a positive take on the state of the economy went to print this past week.  And guess what, they were both centered on the world of small business.