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Are you staying creative?

It is often a cliché that only the young area creative. Often the new generations are opening the minds of the older generations, whether that is because of their minds or technology, the cliché has been proven true. But does it necessarily have to be true, do can you remain creative and innovative as you get older?

Get Rid of Your Job Title

There used to be a saying that everyone who works at a bank is a vice president of something, after a while you conflate people's titles so much that they don't really mean anything anymore. It seems every time you get a business card from someone at a startup it has a different name for owner on it. Sometimes it says "CEO", "Founder", "Partner", "Principal", sometimes it say "Chief Innovation Officer", "Chief Happiness Officer", even some so far out as "Ingenuity Jumper" - so what is in a name. 

8 Personal Qualities of an Entrepreneur

The concept of entrepreneurship is very simple - to start one’s own business. However, some economists think it is more than that. They think that a person who takes chances to gain profit is an entrepreneur and possibly the simplest definition of entrepreneurship is, a novice who wants to invent something new and wants to market his/her innovations for profit.

Entrepreneurial Fallacies - Sunk Cost

Imagine for a minute, you're going on a ski trip. You bought tickets to a good hill in Michigan, and then, before you left, there was another ski slope that was even better during the same weekend in Wisconsin. Both trips are skiing, the Michigan trip is good and you already spent $100 on the tickets, but the other is even better. Do you buy the Wisconsin trip or, since you've already bought the Michigan $100 tickets, stick with the Michigan trip? 

Entrepreneurs Should Read Fiction

Summertime is a time for throwing a blanket on the beach with a good book. It is common place to see entrepreneurs with a book in their beach bag - usually it is biographies of past visionaries or books on entrepreneurship. These books are great for getting to understand a topic, and, while all reading is incredibly important for entrepreneurs, try picking up a fiction every once in a while. 

Managing Expectations

When it comes to owning your own business, you'll find yourself occasionally with upset customers – it's a part of the game. However, the majority of those upset customers are probably upset because they didn't fully understand what the service or product you, as an entrepreneur, were offering. And most time, whether we want to admit it or not, it is because we have set people expectations higher than we can truly deliver. To solve some of these conflicts it is important to understand how to manage a customers expectations. 

Infographic :: Employee Passion and Retention

"My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better." - Steve Jobs

One of most important jobs of an entrepreneur is to make the people who work with them passionate, not only about what they are working on but the product or service the company offers. It's something that can define a company, like Zappos or Threadless, the amount that their employees are proud of what they do shows in the work they do. So, in our latest infographic we show not only the costs and determinants of turnover, but how to inspire passion from your employees and what it can mean for your company! …