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Does Entrepreneurship End?


It has been said that entrepreneurship is a means to an end but is not an end itself. The word "entrepreneurship" itself is a noun, but the word acts as a verb since entrepreneurship should actually be seen as a process and not as a product. So with that said, does entrepreneurship process end? 

Three In Depth Analytics Tools for Startups

On a post earlier this week we talked briefly about the importance of analytics for startups (Analytics and Startups), and why it's important to track usage and user issues in order to create a better product or to simply find out if the product has a market. Now that we dove into the basics of analytics, we decided to give you a quick preview of a few of the great analytics tools you can use to help your startup. 

Analytics and Startups


Startups are highly focused on numbers. Not just number of products but delving deeper into who, what, when and why people are buying. Analytics are changing the way small companies can understand the market in a way that only large companies used to be able to understand. Market research is a huge tool for not only making the best product but once your product is made, reaching the exact targets you want to reach. Here are examples of how to gather analytics and why it's important. 

Key Traits of Entrepreneurs

It's something we hear often, " ______ is what makes me an entrepreneur." It's a mindset or a trait that is sort of undefined, we know that there is something about entrepreneurs that make them tick a little differently but it's not something that can be traced simply to a gene or science. So we've looked at studies done all over the nation to try to come up with an "entrepreneur trait". You can check this out in an infographic also here : Traits of the Entrepreneur ::INFOGRAPHIC::

Traits of the Entrepreneur ::INFOGRAPHIC::

While all entrepreneurs are different through a few studies we were able to derive a few traits that have a high tendency of appearing throughout large test groups. So we've compiled an Infographic to display these traits as well as places you might be able to learn how to acquire these traits through books and podcasts. …

Entrepreneurship Price

Entrepreneurship Price Tag, Notre Dame, NDU, ESTEEM 1 Year Masters ProgramIt's like design, photography or consulting, entrepreneurship is something that is hard to put a price on. Entrepreneurship is a process not necessarily a product so it is tough saying, for your work, it will cost this much. People don't know how to value it but it is one of the most important pieces in company sustainability. 

4 Tips to Building a Company with Staying Power

Staying Power, Notre Dame University, 1 Year Masters Program, ESTEEMIn the startup community it's best to not emotionally connected to many businesses. They come and go so frequently that it's tough to know which ones will be around 1, 2, or 3 years from now. So here are a few tips on how to make sure your company is not making the same mistakes as so many flash in the pan startups: