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Snapchat: Two Popular Startups That Didn’t Sell and One That Did

Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, recently made news by declining, among other bidders, Facebook the chance to buy his app that deletes pictures and videos after only a few seconds for $3 billions dollars. Most outside the tech industry have questioned the 23 years old’s apparent hubris at balking at such an offer but, if this fascinating profile from CNET is any indication, such a bold move is not out of character for the young entrepreneur.

Can My Degree Change the World?

As someone with a degree in Science and Engineering the pursuit of a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship might seem like an interesting non sequitur.  On the surface level they appear as two vastly different career paths. Science and Engineering has a focus on technology and innovation, Entrepreneurship is inherent to the world of business.  However, as is often the case in life, upon further examination these two trades not only compliment each other, in many ways they’re perfectly congruent.  

Engineering a Better World

Recently, the World Health Organization has confirmed multiple cases of the disease Polio, mostly involving children, within Syria, which has been ravaged by civil war for over two years, sparking fears that the once thought eradicated malady may spread to neighboring countries as refugees flee from the fighting raging within Syria’s borders. What can we, as entrepreneurs, do to change situations like this?

The Best Inventions of 2013 (According to TIME Magazine)

Time Magazine recently revealed its “25 Best Inventions of 2013”. Each entry is a fascinating read, as highlighted are some truly awe inspiring innovations in the world of engineering, medicine, and technology. Here then is a sampling of some of these noteworthy items.

5 Best Spots for App Interface Design Inspiration

Everyone needs a leg up, and learning from the best is the way to do it. When designing an app for web or mobile, an excellent interface is crucial to your products success. Get the an insight as to what the best user interface designers are doing at these hubs.

Coin: The Virtual Wallet, Finally?

It has been said that simple ideas are usually the best ideas. This maxim of wisdom can and should be applied to any new piece of tech innovation we find ourselves confronted with. San Francisco startup Coin may have come up with a product that circumvents some of the traditional complications of the virtual wallet. If you've been on social media in the last week, you've probably seen it making the rounds.

How Innovation Can Soften Extreme Weather (And Our Other Pressing Problems)

Whenever a disaster strikes, such as the extreme weather experienced by the Phillipines last week and now the American midwest this week, it always prompts the question: what could the right technology have prevented? Could we have had better buildings? Smarter land use? What, exactly, are our great thinkers and vast resources building that will improve the world?

COO of Angie's List Visits ESTEEM Students

J. Mark Howell, Chief Operating Officer for the website Angie’s List and University of Notre Dame alum, flew in from Los Angeles recently to speak to ESTEEM students and answer that very question.  

Go Fund Yourself: Bootstrapped Business Wisdom

For the young, hungry entrepreneur who has a great idea and just wants to get out there, bootstrapping has become the go to way to fund your startup. Building capital for your startup without debt is great -- it saves you the hassle of VC funding, leaves you in complete control, and can increase your later valuation later -- but it requires nothing less than a deliberate and measured approach.

What to Look for in an MBA Entrepreneurship Program

When you decide to take that first step towards pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, one option that often pays dividends is to a degree program to help set you down a path to success.  With so many different business schools to wade through and so many unique degree options to choose from, it it imperative to find a program that suits your needs while at the same time setting you up for future success.

The Best Way to Make Breakthrough Ideas a Reality

We’ve all experienced that flash of inspiration -- an idea that when we have it ricochets around our brain, pinging back and forth, electric with possibility. It often feels in those first moments like nothing could possibly go wrong, that our idea is the answer to everything: a fix for stagnant sales, the product that could change the world, the innovation that can shift entire industries. In those first beautiful moments, we can see the path, all the way to the glorious finish. And then most often, we lose it.

6 Startup Blogs to Read Now

Our list of the 6 best startup blogs that you can start learning from right now. From scathic to inspiring, these author's views and lessons run the gamut.

Small Business Saturday

While major retailers sit back and soak up the attention on Black Friday, small business owners are often left out in the cold, overshadowed by their glossier counterparts. Thank goodness for Small Business Saturday.

How Lady GaGa is Like a Tech Startup

If anybody out there is friends with Lady GaGa, now would be a good time to call in a favor.  According to a recent article on the web publication PandoDaily, it appears as if her manager Troy Carter is about to make quite the splash as a tech investor.  An upwards of $75 million splash to be exact.  

Jeff Bezos and "The Everything Store": Reviewing an Inside Look at the Behemoth

To say that Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of, tends to be a polarizing figure is an understatement. An uncompromising, mercurial authoritarian in charge of one of the most dynamic companies operating today, he has no shortage of critics -- nor cultists. In his new book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezons and the Age of Amazon, Businessweek reporter Brad Stone sets out to paint a picture of what makes Amazon, and therefore it's founder, tick.