ESTEEM Alum and His Team Win at Civic Hackathon

Indianapolis native James Sallee was contemplating a career change from his six-year federal government job in Washington, D.C., last year when a notice about ESTEEM appeared in his inbox. He saw the opportunity to return to his roots and, having satisfied his interest in national security, pursue his twin interest in aerospace.…

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens, who came to Notre Dame on a basketball scholarship and graduated with an economics degree in 1974, entered the world of entrepreneurship while he was playing professional basketball in Europe – he helped open a bar in Belgium. When he returned to the United States, he honed his intrapreneurship skills in seven years at Proctor & Gamble, including five moves in five years. He settled in Boston and practiced his creativity as president of an Anheuser-Busch distributorship that he transformed into a thriving operation.…

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Wendy Angst

Wendy Angst, who took a personal medical records business from startup to sale across more than a decade, has included ESTEEM students in her Commercialization Analytics course in the Mendoza College of Business since she started teaching at Notre Dame in 2011. This summer, she’s teaching Design Thinking in the ESTEEM program.…

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Mark Bourgeois

Mark Bourgeois has pursued both engineering and philosophy in alternating stages of his career. Now they’ve come together in the Technology and Ethics course he will teach to ESTEEM students, developed in part from a philosophy of technology undergraduate course that he teaches as a postdoctoral research associate in Notre Dame’s Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values.…

The Serendipitibus: Six Things We Learned

ESTEEM 2015 alumn Rory Dunne gives his take on how taking on a bus renovation is similar to starting a company. Rory will be taking a job with Deloitte following his time on the “Serendipitibus”.

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, this one began with the voicing of a crazy idea to some trusted confidants. On a summer break drive to a friend’s house, we were discussing the kinds of possibilities that might give us something to look forward to after the grueling demands of the Master’s program that lay ahead of us. A school bus passed us by and so the idea was born. Over the next year, we would buy and renovate a school bus into an RV so that we could see the United States.…

ESTEEM Alum Launched Second Startup in 5 Years

When he was an undergraduate mechanical engineering and industrial design major at Notre Dame, Will McLeod was already working in his basement on SmarterShade, a Smart glass that can switch between clear and opaque on command. His team was the first composed of undergraduates to win the McCloskey Business Plan Competition, and it won an NSF grant to take the concept to production.…

ESTEEM Spinoff enFocus Assists with Talent Retention

Since its inception in 2009, the ESTEEM Program has been about the commercialization of innovative research and technology, bridging the gap between academia in business.  However, in addition to that, the ESTEEM program has also focused on an emerging national trend of social entrepreneurship.

At ESTEEM that focus on social entrepreneurship begins at home and includes investment in the local community.  Through an ESTEEM spinoff enFocus

The Year in Review

John Vernon, a recent ESTEEM graduate, provides a reflection on the past year as a member of the Class of 2015. John will be starting in August with enFocus, a South Bend Start-up consulting firm, and continuing with the business project developed from his Master’s Thesis.

ESTEEM Alum and His Team Develops Sleep-Enhancing App and Tools

Somni products

A team of Notre Dame entrepreneurs has developed a sleep-enhancing kit and app designed to boost college students’ healthy rest, memory, learning, and mental health. The approach is based on the research of Jessica Payne, the Nancy O'Neill Associate Professor of Psychology and director of the Sleep Stress and Memory Lab. Matt Berg, who received his undergraduate degree in science-business in 2012 and master’s degree in the entrepreneurship master's program (ESTEEM) in 2013, and junior Ryan Gannett work with Payne. Their company, Somni, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for kit manufacturing and app development.

2015 Naughton Fellowship awardees announced

Trinity College

Twenty-one winners of the Naughton Fellowships were announced today by the Graduate School. The research fellowships were awarded to undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. students from Notre Dame and from Ireland. This year’s winners from Notre Dame represent three Notre Dame colleges and schools, including arts and letters, engineering, and science.

Thoughts on Social Entrepreneurship, Part I

In the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp class this semester, the ESTEEM students spent a class period discussing the implications of a recent MIT Entrepreneurship Review article entitled “The Unexotic Underclass”. The article states that many complain that entrepreneurs are putting their talents to waste by failing to solve Big Problems –capital B, capital P- (famine, clean energy, climate change, etc.) and instead focusing on the easily lucrative “anti-problems” epitomized in the variety of useless apps on our smartphones. The author presents another perspective by pointing out that there is not only a need to solve the high-profile Big Problems, but perhaps a more pressing urgency to solve big problems – little b, little p. 

Thoughts on Design Thinking

“Design Thinking” is quite the buzz word these days, being implemented at not only the traditional design consultancies like IDEO and gravitytank but also at software and consumer goods companies like SAP, Google, and Apple.  Even companies like Booze Allen and Deloitte are starting to see the value in the innovative approach and employing it in their firms.  But what exactly is Design Thinking?

Meet ESTEEM 2015

The final deadline for the ESTEEM application is quickly approaching (April 10). We had a chance to catch up with some admitted students. Check out thoughts from some of the entrepreneurial talent that will be at Notre Dame and in South Bend next year! 

Meet our Neighbors: NanDio

Recently ESTEEM student Derek Athy has been working with a novel cancer diagnostics company NanDio, which was originally the thesis project of 2014 ESTEEM alumnus Pat Rice. Read on to learn more about the company and see how it has grown in the last year.

Alum Launches Startup Up/Down Technologies

Chris Freise, who earned his ESTEEM degree in 2012 and spent over two years with the Epic healthcare software company in Madison, has formed a startup with three partners to develop a novel application to promote wellness by tracking activities, making recommendations, and rewarding good behavior. The company, UpDown Technologies Inc.

ESTEEM Stories: From Budapest to South Bend

ESTEEM students Helga Feiszthuber and Nora Markia, who have traveled from Hungary to study here in the United States, speak out about their experience in America for the first time and the challenges that they have faced.