Weston Terrasse

Weston Terrasse

After growing up in Lake Forest, IL, Weston attended the university of Notre Dame and received his undergraduate degree in Science-Business in 2015. Weston always had his sights set on attending medical school after college. Upon learning about the ESTEEM Program and the curriculum and networking opportunities that it offered, he realized that the program was an excellent continuation of his undergraduate education and would provide him with a unique skill set and understanding of how business interplays with the world of medicine during his gap year before medical school.

For his thesis project, Weston worked in conjunction with NanoSynth Materials and Sensors, Inc. on the customer validation and commercialization plan for a unique point-of-care technology aimed to help aid in the accurate and prompt detection of heart attacks and chronic myocardial injury in patients. Working on the thesis was a very informative experience for him, as he was exposed to the intricacies of the role that business has in the medical landscape.

Upon graduating from the ESTEEM Program, Weston matriculated to Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago. During his time at Loyola thus far, Weston has been able to utilize many of the collaborative and problem solving skills that he developed during his time at Notre Dame. With so much room for innovation and change in the field of medicine, Weston hopes to one day combine his career as a physician with his business acumen in order to become involved in entrepreneurial ventures and have an impact on the lives of patients around the world.