Tyler McQueen

Tyler McQueen

Tyler received his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Purdue in 2009. He then joined the ESTEEM program later that year. Tyler wanted to use his scientific knowledge in more tangible and immediate applications. 

Tyler’s ESTEEM thesis was on plasma deformable lenses. The primary application is to correct light beams distorted by turbulence on aircrafts, which allows fiber optic communications with the aircraft. In addition these lenses have the potential to be a cheaper alternative to deformable mirrors, which are used in astronomy, medicine, and many other optical systems. 

After ESTEEM Tyler found a job with a digital advertising company focusing on big data and personalized advertising. His role as Client Integration Engineer focuses on merging the technical with the business side. When Tyler started at this company, there were about 150 people, but in four years the company has been acquired twice and he is now a part of a Fortune 500 company. Tyler remarks that his ESTEEM education “has helped me recognize client's business objectives and helped me build or find the right technical solution.”