Stephen Ennis

Stephen Ennis

Stephen grew up in the southeast of Ireland and went on to study Computer Engineering in Trinity College Dublin. Thanks to a knack for creativity and an unflinching hunger to solve great problems, Stephen became part of the ESTEEM class of 2016. 

Stephen’s ESTEEM thesis picked up on both his experience in cloud computing research at Notre Dame and his systems engineering practice at Amazon Web Services (AWS). His thesis was sponsored by Trek10, a company on the cutting edge of architectural solutions in the AWS cloud. Throughout the thesis Stephen worked hard examining the commercial potential of an in-development Trek10 cloud management solution. Unfortunately the solution never saw the light of day, but nonetheless Stephen’s work as a part time developer gave him valuable experience creating high-performance cloud solutions. Ultimately, following a spring break visit to Stanford University, Stephen found his true calling: the Space Industry.

Following ESTEEM graduation, Stephen spent some time continuing his previous role as systems engineer at AWS in Seattle. With his work in Seattle concluded, Stephen made the tough choice to dive back into academia. Stephen is currently concluding his studies in computer engineering at Trinity College Dublin. His research focuses on deep space inter-satellite communication applications. His time at the ESTEEM program was not for naught; he has gone on to found the Trinity Space Society and is currently organizing a national level student Space advocacy organization.