Spencer Parry

Spencer Parry

Spencer completed his undergraduate degree at Florida Southern College in Mathematics and Business.

For his ESTEEM thesis, Spencer worked on developing a RF Vibrometer as a non-invasive method of motion and vibration detection, which was applied to the detection of fuel pump cavitation and rotor malfunctions in jet engines during flight. The technology used radio waves and a specific algorithm developed at ND to detect air bubbles within fuel pumps and individual rotor variance during actual operation, both potentially dangerous issues during flight.

Spencer has pivoted from the Aerospace and Mechanical fields to Fashion Design within Ralph Lauren. He has capitalized on his passion to create new and exciting things and translated it to develop the things we wear everyday, working intrapreneurially to find more efficient and sensible ways to bridge the gaps between designer, buyer, and store front. Outside of Ralph Lauren, Spencer runs his own Image Consultancy, educating clients on current fashion trends, curating personalized wardrobes, and doing various editorial work for notable brands and publications, as well as writing a blog.

What Spencer took from ESTEEM: “The program taught me how to think outside the box and not be complacent with the current way of things. In this fast-paced world, companies big and small need to be quick on their feet to survive, and to do that, we need to be the ones to take the initiative, whether it be an obstacle or opportunity. ESTEEM takes thinkers and builds doers.”