Shane McQuillan

Shane McQuillan

Shane was a 2013 Naughton Fellow and ESTEEM Graduate.  After graduation he  worked on launching Contect, a start-up company that is a direct result of his ESTEEM Capstone Thesis Project.

Contect is a software company that develops a mobile, concussion screening application that uses speech analysis as its primary detection method, a novel and patented approach to solve the problems with existing concussion detection methods. Concussions are a huge problem. In the U.S. alone, 1.6-3.8 million concussions are diagnosed in athletes annually. More disturbing is that 88% of concussions go undetected, with the economic impact estimated at $60B per year.

The voice analysis science behind Contect is its core advantage. It provides not only a superior product, but also a defensible barrier. Contect's speech analysis-based technology requires no medical training, can be administered quickly on the sidelines in a game situation, and is less prone to "cheating" than existing detection tools. 

Shane now leads Apple’s Interactive Media Group’s QE automation efforts out in California.