Rita Zinn

Rita Zinn

Rita graduated from ESTEEM in 2013.  Prior to returning to Notre Dame for the ESTEEM program, Rita had a seven-year career in Secondary Education.  This started with her work in Los Angeles, CA as a PLACE (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education) fellow, wherein she concurrently taught high school mathematics at an under-resourced Catholic high school and completed an MA in Secondary Education at Loyola Marymount University.  Inspired by the explosion of educational technology start-ups aimed at improving American education, especially in math and the sciences, Rita joined ESTEEM with the hope of improving education through the application of technology.  While in the program, Rita worked with Dr. Alan Huebner to develop a commercialization plan for a mathematical algorithm that, when applied to standardized educational exams, can predict student mastery of specific skills tested.   

Though the science behind her thesis project was too early-stage to pursue as a start-up venture, Rita found all of her ESTEEM experiences valuable in starting a new career in consulting.  Rita applies the business acumen, entrepreneurial energy, and innovative mindset to the work she does advising Denver-based organizations on business innovation, strategy, process, technology, and change management.