Paul Mahony

Paul Mahony

Paul Mahony was born and raised in Dublin Ireland, where he studied Mechanical Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. Paul had always shown a keen interest in technical subjects and pursued this in his studies. However, in his 3rd year, he discovered his business interest as well, specifically applying technical engineering to solve business problems. Paul along with two colleagues founded a startup, Light-House, an IoT in-house security lighting system for the elderly, which received funding. He was employed by Trinity College to prototype it. In his fourth year, Paul also worked on projects allowing him to enhance his business skills, while still pursuing engineering. Paul was awarded the prestigious Naughton Fellowship, opening the door to the Notre Dame ESTEEM Program, providing a more formal route to continue was already undertaking himself.

Paul was a part of the 2015/2016 ESTEEM class and worked on CupPrint as his thesis project. CupPrint, an Irish paper cup manufacturing company, were interested in opening up operations in the US and CEO Terry Fox chose Paul Mahony, along with a classmate Todd Hoogland, to run this venture on the ground. This included the purchase of a 15,000sqft factory in South Bend, sales and marketing of the cups themselves, planning and hiring for printers to arrive and the day to day running of a business. Paul also worked closely with SAP, traveling to Las Vegas to the SAP TechEd conference. Throughout the year Paul partook in any opportunity ESTEEM could offer.

At the end of the program, Paul decided to return to Ireland and currently works with Glen Dimplex. The Glen Dimplex graduate program, which Paul is a part of offers a one-year training in Ireland and a one-year training in three international locations. It is here that Paul hopes to add to his startup skill set, by working in a large international company. Paul still pursues his own hobbies and startups as time allows. ESTEEM has given him the tools necessary to be both successful in the startup world, and a large multi-national company.