Patrick Rice

Patrick Rice

Patrick graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May of 2013 with a BA in Pre-Medicine and Theology.  Patrick chose ESTEEM to enhance his understanding of the reciprocal innovative relationship between technology and business.

Patrick’s thesis revolved around Dr. Sharon Stack’s discovery of a unique set of biomarkers indicative of oncogenic HPV. Patrick witnessed and aided in the commercialization of the synthesis between Dr. Stack’s research and Dr. Chia Chang’s “lab-on-a-chip.” Patrick helped to co-found Nandio, a microfluidics start-up which, while initially focused on the early detection of oncogenic HPV, carried the potential to shift how and when diseases where discovered. Nandio was the winner of two business plan competitions (Louisville’s Cardinal Challenge and Notre Dame’s McCloskey Business Plan Competition) and received recognition in two others (Rice Business Plan Competition and Texas Global Venture Labs Competition). Nandio, still operating, is currently headed by Kevin Connors (CEO) and co-founder Ben Miller (President).

Patrick is currently living in Atlanta and working for EY as a healthcare consultant. Patrick’s experience in the ESTEEM program has served him well in one of the largest private services firms in the world. ESTEEM’s emphasis on research, process improvement, and customer validation has allowed Patrick to assist his team in producing exceptional client service for healthcare providers.

Says Patrick about the ESTEEM program: “ESTEEM opened my eyes to the incredible opportunities available to those who love innovation. The classroom environment offered a structured, safe area of learning that was necessarily put into practice through ESTEEM’s extracurricular opportunities (e.g., pitching ideas to Silicon Valley executives). From classes on leadership to ethics to accounting/finance, ESTEEM has empowered me to innovate while enacting positive change in the world.”