Matt Londergan

Matt Londergan

Matt Londergan is a native of South Bend, Indiana.  Prior to joining ESTEEM, he attended Purdue University and received a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in Machine Systems Engineering. 

During his summers off from Purdue, Matt worked for a boat manufacturer in Elkhart, Indiana as an R&D engineer and customer service representative.  After his college graduation in 2009 the boat manufacturer no longer existed, but Matt found work with a local firm called Brach Engineering.  At the time Matt knew that he wanted to go back to school but he couldn’t decide if he wanted to study business or engineering.  The owners of Brach Engineering were members of the Notre Dame community and told Matt about a new program called ESTEEM that allowed students to pursue a thesis and business plan simultaneously.   

Matt joined the ESTEEM program in Fall 2010 and his capstone thesis project was EcoPace Light Controls.  The focus of the project was the commercialization of an on-demand roadway light control system that reduced running costs and carbon footprint while maintaining safety for drivers and pedestrians. 

Immediately after ESTEEM Matt worked within PTC’s Global Services division as an engineering software consultant.  In this role he supported the deployment of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) software to on and off highway diesel engine manufacturers.  He has since moved on from IT and became an Associate in Exponent's Vehicle Engineering Practice in Chicago, IL.  Matt now specializes in the reconstruction of passenger and commercial motor vehicle accidents for insurance investigations and litigation.  He uses many methods and technologies to solve problems but he hasn't forgotten what he learned at Notre Dame.

ESTEEM prepared Matt for the multidisciplinary field that he currently works in.  He learned that a business cannot support itself on technical innovation alone.  There are human, financial, and legal facets that must be addressed to create sustainable business solutions.