Mark Snelling

Mark Snelling

Mark is a graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering. While he was in the ESTEEM program, Mark’s thesis project detailed a new commercially viable way to market species detection by taking DNA samples from the Great Lakes and using PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) to extrapolate the samples. This would benefit ecologists such that they would be able to accurately and effectively detect if any invasive species had entered into American waters.

Since ESTEEM, Mark has worked as a software engineer at Universal Avionics in Duluth, GA programming navigational systems for aircraft, but his heart led him to the Walt Disney Company where he currently works to refine their software systems -- the Resort, Magic Bands, etc. 

Mark says that the most important tenet learned during his time in ESTEEM is "that there is always opportunity around the corner if you are willing to pursue it. Since graduation, I have been pulled into many a project and have used the entrepreneurial skills I gained to think outside the box and create inside of Disney's policies. This fits right at home since Disney's manifesto is in itself creation -- which I've always been geared to.”