Lorena  Alvarez Sottil

Lorena  Alvarez Sottil

Before graduating from ESTEEM in 2013, Lorena attended Universidad Iberoamericana where she obtained her degree in Industrial Engineering. After college she worked at Consorcio Hogar, a low-income housing company, where she gained experience in several areas of the company. Her plan had always been to attend graduate school, so while still working at Consorcio Hogar, Lorena applied to different programs. When she discovered ESTEEM, she knew she had found the right program since it combined business with her technical background.

While at ESTEEM, Lorena worked alongside Dr. Thomas Pratt on a radio frequency sensor that was capable of finding physical contaminants in production lines. The focus of her thesis project was the food industry though the sensor had the capability to be used in other markets.

After graduating from ESTEEM Lorena worked at McKinsey & Company as an implementer in a project for the public healthcare system in Mexico. She was in charge of implementing strategies within hospitals and clinics around the country. The strategies were aimed at helping hospitals to be more efficient with bed turnover and patient discharge time. Currently Lorena is working at Hartree Consultores, a consulting firm that caters to the energy industry, which is now booming in Mexico due to the 2014 Energy Reform.

On Lorena’s time at ESTEEM, she says: “The analytical and business skills I learned while at ESTEEM have been invaluable to me in understanding data in order to help companies make gains in their industry. My experience at ESTEEM has helped me be successful in multiple roles in various industries.”