Khoa Huynh

Khoa Huynh

Khoa received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame in May 2011. In addition to his study of biology during college, he took on leadership positions that included Biology Club President and several Service Chair positions. He also participated in a number of service projects (Summer Service Learning Project in North Carolina, Appalachia Seminar in eastern Kentucky, etc.) that helped him balance his studies with a healthy dose of leadership experiences and the humanities.

Khoa joined the ESTEEM Program following graduation.  He worked on his capstone thesis with Dr. Mark Suckow. His project focused on the commercialization of a splenocyte-derived vaccine from a patient’s tumor for the treatment of prostate and ovarian cancers. While in the ESTEEM Program, Khoa served as the Graduate Student Union (GSU) representative as well as playing on the Notre Dame Racquetball Team.

Upon graduation in August 2012, Khoa became a founding member of enFocus, Inc.  Based out of Union Station Technology Center in downtown South Bend, enFocus is focused on regional talent retention and economic development. The company is positioned to act as a force multiplier for good in the community by pairing bright and young entrepreneurial talent with an experienced board made up of industry leaders.  The company performs collaborative and impactful projects for non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, and public entities. As a member of the Founding Fellows, Khoa gained invaluable work experience and mentorship from established leaders while benefitting the local community with new and innovative ideas alongside a team of smart, ambitious, and hardworking entrepreneurs. In its inaugural years, enFocus has provided millions in value for the Michiana region.

In July 2016 Khoa took a position as Research Programs Manager at the Harper Cancer Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame.