Kevin Leach

Kevin Leach

Kevin was a 2013 graduate of the ESTEEM program. Before attending Notre Dame he received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan while playing football. Kevin says he was drawn to the ESTEEM program because he wanted to better understand how to build a sustainable business model around a new product idea or invention. Kevin described his experience as becoming much more:

“Yes, the program teaches you necessary business fundamentals, but what sets it apart from a traditional MBA program is the nurturing of an entrepreneurial mindset. ESTEEM graduates leave as ‘calculated opportunists’ who excel in identifying problems and building a plan to solve them. I used to struggle to think of new business ideas and now I have to prioritize them!”

During his time in South Bend, Kevin worked with Professor William Phillip of the Chemical Engineering department to develop a commercialization plan for a novel water treatment technology that, when installed on a farm, would remove pollutants from agricultural runoff water before harming downstream ecosystems. Since graduating, Kevin has accepted a role as a Technical Account Manager in the Enterprise Services division of Microsoft Corporation. Based out of Grand Rapids, MI where he is originally from, he applies principles learned in the ESTEEM program to proactively manage the health of his clients’ IT organizations by identifying potential risks and then building a plan to prevent those problems from occurring.

In his free time, Kevin has formed an early stage start-up called Latitude Reels with Alex Chopp (ESTEEM ’14) and his two roommates. Merging their passions for fly fishing, the venture looks to use additive manufacturing techniques to revolutionize the way fly fishing reels are designed, purchased, and created.