Kenneth Kienlen

Kenneth Kienlen

Kenneth ("Andy") Kienlen received his degree from Texas A&M University in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. At Texas A&M he worked on a yearlong project for Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL). The goal of the project was to design an irradiation vehicle with integrated neutronics, thermal-hydraulics, and structural designs to accommodate PNNL’s experiment to evaluate the burn up limits of lithium aluminate pellets for tritium production in a thermal LWR neutron spectrum.

While at Texas A&M, Kenneth was a member of the Tennis Club, Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society, and was a leader in the Corps of Cadets, receiving a leadership study and development certificate. He has worked as a tennis professional at Chandlers Tennis Club for four years. 

Following his time at Texas A&M, Kenneth was accepted into the ESTEEM Program at the University of Notre Dame. For his capstone thesis, Kenneth worked with Dr. Peter Burns to develop a commercial plan for uranyl peroxide nano-clusters in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Upon graduation he received a job offer from General Dynamics Electric Boat. Currently he is an engineer, becoming qualified to work on nuclear submarines. 

Kenneth remarks that “ESTEEM was a unique program that allowed me to diversify from my previous degree and allow for a different type of thinking than that of an engineer. Although I am working as an engineer the thought processes I received from ESTEEM will be key to my job and any future job I move on to. I am very grateful for the people I met through the program and the knowledge it gave me.”