Kelly Kraus

Kelly Kraus

Kelly attended the University of Notre Dame for her Bachelor of Arts degree as a double major in Preprofessional Studies and Psychology, graduating in 2012. She joined the ESTEEM class of 2013 with the goal of expanding her existing skills and increasing her knowledge of the STEM world. 
Inspired by her interest in the medical field, Kelly worked in conjunction with Professor Marya Lieberman on an exciting project involving detection of counterfeit medications. Her thesis work for ESTEEM involved creating a plan to commercialize the innovative technology, which utilizes a simplistic methodology for testing the makeup of various pharmaceuticals. 
Before her thesis and classwork was even completed for ESTEEM, Kelly began working at Cumberland Consulting Group, based out of Nashville, TN. CCG is a healthcare based technology firm focusing on the implementation and analysis of electronic medical records.
During her time at CCG, Kelly has had the opportunity to work on several projects across the U.S., from Oakland, CA to Cleveland, OH. Throughout her days at work, Kelly utilizes the entrepreneurial mindset and business knowledge that she gained during her time spent taking classes and developing her thesis in the ESTEEM Program.