Julia Sokel

Julia Sokel

Julia originates from Princeton, NJ. When she entered her undergraduate experience, she planned to enter the veterinary field, but found herself drawn to the entrepreneurial side of science during her semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. While in the ESTEEM program she continued to develop the skills that will enable her to combine her scientific background with business in the future. She worked with Professor Lappin to devise a business plan for the commercialization of his research regarding the photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide as a production of fuel.

After graduation Julia began working at an HR tech startup in the Boston area. Her work at Cangrade is to make the hiring process better for employers and candidates alike, using people analytics. Their technology is based on research that comes from Harvard Ph.D. scientists and is statistically proven to be a better method of hiring. While her official title may be Customer Success Analyst, as in all startups, she wears many hats, working with clients, helping to flesh out the culture and branding of the company, conducting marketing campaigns and more. She felt that this was a natural next step from ESTEEM as this company is looking to not only improve the entire human resources industry in regard to hiring, but also as a company aiming to bring all job seekers to a level playing field no matter their demographic characteristics, which reminded Julia of all the discussions of triple bottom line companies she encountered through her time in the program.