Jordan Schwers

Jordan Schwers

Jordan Schwers, ESTEEM '16, originally hailing from Boise, Idaho, completed his bachelor’s studies at the University of Idaho in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Jordan admired the well-rounded skill set offered by ESTEEM to engineers as well as the excitement associated with start-ups. During his year in South Bend, Jordan worked with Banjo Corp, a liquid handling products company out of Crawfordsville, IN who were looking to market a “smart” valve that could predict failure.

Post-ESTEEM, Jordan took a job with Farb Guidance Systems, an ag-tech start-up from Post Falls, ID, whose goal is to create autonomous farming solutions and “feed the future.”  Jordan serves as the lead Project Engineer for FGS, but also gets to display the business skills he developed in ESTEEM regularly. Jordan has stated, “ESTEEM is the reason I found such an exciting and rewarding career path. From basic networking skills to the technical knowledge I gained from my thesis, I can say honestly that I owe everything to my ESTEEM experience.

Going forward, Jordan hopes to help FGS become a hugely successful venture that always keeps a virtuous mission statement.