John Clifford

John Clifford

A Double-Domer, John Clifford graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS degree in Biological Sciences in January 2013 and an MS degree from the ESTEEM Program in spring of 2014. Clifford received a well-rounded education from both programs, supplementing his science-centric undergraduate education with business and entrepreneurial courses provided through ESTEEM.  

Clifford focused his capstone thesis on Prof. John Duman’s research, seeking to make plants frost-resistant via antifreeze proteins of winter-hardy beetles. Working with the raw research, Clifford helped develop a viable business plan to commercialize the plant technology to revolutionize agriculture in a world of ever-changing climates.

Currently, John has returned home to Minnesota and is attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities School of Dentistry. He believes the education provided through ESTEEM helped craft his strong candidacy among peers; often noted by multiple Professors is his unique background in both science and business, while exemplifying an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit. He hopes to incorporate each of these fields of study into his future profession, seeking to both manage and practice within a pediatric dental office. 

Reflecting on the opportunities provided by ESTEEM, Clifford notes in particular that “ESTEEM gives you more than business classes, the program changes your way of thinking -- always looking for opportunities to innovate, whether that will be in dentistry or an everyday experience. Not only are you more aware of those opportunities, but you also have the confidence to go out and pitch your idea knowing that you have the background to make it happen. I think this assertiveness is derived directly from the incredible ESTEEM professors, staff, mentors, and classmates that our class worked with throughout the program.”