Joe  Livingston

Joe  Livingston

Joe graduated from Notre Dame with a B.S. in Physics in 2011. He knew some people in the ESTEEM program that year, and after talking to them about the program, he decided to apply for the 2011-2012 class. Fortunately he was accepted & signed up to work on the reprocessing of nuclear fuel with uranyl peroxide nanoclusters under Dr. Peter Burns; basically this means recycling nuclear fuel rods. It was a great learning experience.

Joe notes that, “For me, the most valuable part of the ESTEEM program was its focus on more tangible, real-world applications. As a major in a pure science, my undergraduate studies focused almost exclusively textbooks, labs, tests, and research. It was interesting and challenging, but somewhat esoteric; outside of physics it wasn’t very applicable. The ESTEEM curriculum and thesis project exposed me to ideas and forced me to develop skills that are extremely valuable, both professionally and personally: basic finance & accounting, project management, communication & presenting, stats, etc. I firmly believe this exposure was critical to my gainful employment upon graduation.”

Joe started working at Google as a fraud analyst right after graduation, and he has been there since.