James Sallee

James Sallee

James graduated from Purdue University with a Political Science degree in 2008 and spent six years with the US Department of Justice working on information technology, national security, and data analytics projects.  He joined ESTEEM in 2014, dividing his time equally between social science, technology, and engineering studies, and continuing a multi-disciplined approach to problem-solving that produced success for him in large-scale projects within the federal government.

Utilizing his unique experience and passion for ambitious technical projects, James began working with small startup organizations from high technology fields in 2012, and he continued this work while at ESTEEM.  His thesis project -- an industry partnership with American Performance Technologies -- spun out a new technology company working to finalize and produce a next-generation carburetor and a bespoke engine platform.  James currently also spends time heading up Crossroads Aerospace, where the team is developing a software simulation platform seeking to marry components of crowdsourcing with astronautics problem-solving; as well as StepUp, a software package designed to improve check-in, workflow, and workforce effectiveness for the Family Social Services Administration in the State of Indiana's 104 local offices.

A 2015 ESTEEM graduate, James learned a strong appreciation for the depth of expertise drawn in by the program, and remains close friends with several of his classmates.  He spends spare time volunteering with the Starfish Initiative as a mentor for one of Indiana's promising 21st Century Program scholars, and helps with PlayWorks, Best Buddies, and various economic, technology, and entrepreneurial development organizations in the Central Indiana Region.