Helga  Feiszthuber

Helga  Feiszthuber

Helga is a graduate of Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary where she obtained a BSc. degree in Molecular Bionics Engineering and a graduate degree in Info-bionics Engineering. During these years her research focused on therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound and its various applications including drug delivery or cancer therapy monitoring.

On a research scholarship at the University of Oxford Helga worked on the development of an ultrasound-based insulin pump for people suffering from diabetes, which became her primary field of research. After her studies in Budapest, Helga received a scholarship to attend the ESTEEM program where she worked on the commercialization plan for an ultrasound-based device for the early detection of skin cancer. This device was developed at her research lab at Pázmány Péter Catholic University from Budapest.

After the ESTEEM program Helga got a job as a Technology Transfer Officer in Budapest, and she is also the CTO of the company that she worked on developing during her time at Notre Dame.  Currently Helga is a doctoral student at Central European University.

Regarding the ESTEEM program, Helga notes that, “Seeing the many great minds and projects in the ESTEEM program, I felt that no matter where we are from or where we headed after the program, we are going to make a great difference in the world we live in; the ESTEEM program taught us how to be innovators, entrepreneurs and at the same time socially responsible. I am thankful for the year that I spent in the program because I could be part of a great community at a place that I can call home.”