Finn Pegler

Finn Pegler

Finn hails from Co. Cork, Ireland, where he did his undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He was granted a Naughton fellowship and graduated from the ESTEEM program in 2014. While at Notre Dame he took a wide variety of classes, but specifically enjoyed design thinking and product development. This interest led to Finn co-founding Emerald Active with the product FitPetz, which made it to the semi-finals of the McCloskey Business Plan Competition and won a three month incubator stay at NestGSV in Silicon Valley.

After returning to Europe Finn continued on the product design path and has recently joined Ford Motor company in London as a design engineer. He hopes to one day work on sustainable vehicles at Tesla Motors, before travelling to Mars with Elon Musk.

Finn has founded a startup, giggul. An early stage startup, giggul  is an online service that gives parents complete peace of mind by making trustworthy, reliable babysitters available online. Finn is currently raising a seed round of funding to allow for expansion of giggul across London and the rest of the UK.  Finn also founded and operates the company DeluxeMaid (a housecleaning service company in Indiana) while continuing to live in London.

In his spare time Finn likes to play soccer, the guitar, and going to gigs at the weekend.