Dustin Mix

Dustin Mix

In early 2016 Dustin Mix returned to the U.S. from Leogane, Haiti where he spearheaded the efforts of Engineering2Empower - a start-up that developed from his ESTEEM thesis project and the research of Notre Dame professors Kijewski-Correa and Taflanidis.
Engineering2Empower (E2E) has a mission to deliver safe, affordable housing for the world’s urban poor through sustainable, community driven-development. Starting in Haiti, where 300,000+ Haitians are still without permanent shelter after the 2010 earthquake, E2E utilizes a concrete frame and panel structural system, vastly improving performance over the traditional unreinforced masonry. With a target customer that makes just $600 per year, a viable business called for progressive construction and financing.
Utilizing rotating savings credit associations, E2E is able to help customers finance homes progressively through the power of group savings, while also creating a constant income stream for the business.  This model decreases the cost of safety, while also building in a manner that provides temporary shelter as E2E’s customers take the long journey toward home ownership.