Chris Freise

Chris Freise

Chris Freise graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2011 with a degree in physics. Upon graduation, he chose the ESTEEM program because of its intriguing goal of teaching entrepreneurship to students with science and engineering backgrounds.

As part of his capstone thesis, Chris worked with Professor Jeff Schorey to develop a business plan for the commercialization of a technology to target certain drug-resistant bacteria.

“For me, ESTEEM’s most important lesson was that if you poke at the world, you can indeed change it. In addition to opening my eyes to this simple fact, ESTEEM taught me critical business skills – the tools that I will need to make a positive impact on the world.”

After graduating from ESTEEM in 2012, Chris accepted a job as an implementation consultant and project manager with Epic Systems, a company that develops and implements electronic medical records for large hospital systems. Following his success at Epic, Chris co-founded UpDown Technologies, Inc. in 2015. As CEO at UpDown, Chris aims to redefine how companies use technology to improve employee wellness and save on health insurance premium costs.