Chris  Cali

Chris  Cali

Christopher Cali graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in Science-Business. Chris had long had a passion for science, but it was not until his junior year of college that he began reading books by Daniel Pink, Jim Collins, and other forward-thinking business leaders, and his interest was piqued towards a career in business and entrepreneurship. With the encouragement of a few undergraduate professors and other mentors, he took a leap towards a Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship in the ESTEEM program, a leap that proved to inundate him with business acumen and entrepreneurial experiences that he will not soon forget.

What attracted him to the ESTEEM program was the theory and experience of the illustrious ESTEEM alumni and administrators who believed that when envisioned and executed properly, business can be “a powerful force for good,” the very mission of Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C. when he founded Notre Dame, and one that Chris himself has adopted. While at ESTEEM, Chris began fulfilling his mission by starting a short-lived, though profitable, social enterprise, and also by competing in multiple business plan competitions based on his capstone thesis that would bring to market a cancer diagnostic test.

Equipped with a new lens of entrepreneurship, Chris earned a position with Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. on an internal analysis and strategy cell for the firm’s engineering business. Chris believes the experience of working for a successful consulting firm will provide him with the invaluable business development exposure, professionalism, and other technical skills that will help him further his mission, one that was greatly cultivated at ESTEEM.