Brendan Daly

Brendan Daly

Brendan, who originally hails from Ireland, received his Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University College Cork in Ireland.  As part of his final year project Brendan developed an infrared reflecting paint coating, which had the potential to lower building heating and cooling costs. As a result Brendan was selected to participate in the final of the Irish National “Think Outside the Box competition” and was one of three Irish students to receive a Naughton Fellowship to pursue the Engineering Science and Technological Entrepreneurship program at the University of Notre Dame.

As part of his capstone Thesis, Brendan worked with Dr. Prashant Kamat at Notre Dame’s radiation lab where he developed a comprehensive commercialization plan for a paint coating that had the ability to absorb solar radiation and create electricity. While at the University Brendan coordinated Notre Dame’s first ever startup weekend, was elected VP of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration for the MBA Entrepreneurial Club and also played on the Notre Dame rugby team.

Upon graduation in August 2012, Brendan went on to become one of the founding members of enFocus, a socially responsible organization in the heart of South Bend.  While working with enFocus Brendan used his charismatic approach to drive multiple projects. His SUV Analysis project staged an implementation strategy and pilot program devised to realize more than $1.4 million in potential savings within the South Bend Fire Department. Brendan also helped with the construction of a children’s playground at the South Bend’s Center for the Homeless and was a panelist for the “Impact Investing” roundtable at the 2013 Navara Conference at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Following his success at enFocus, Brendan moved to Washington DC to join Michael Wong, (former Director of the Notre Dame Alumni Association and Board of Trustees) to establish DayBlink Consulting. Brendan’s first project involved conducting a technology assessment for a major luxury hotel chain to fulfill its 5-year strategic roadmap. Brendan is currently leading the policy system integration between two publicly traded insurance companies on the NYSE as well as leading the conceptualization and creation of DayBlink Ventures, an incubator for high potential startups.