Blake Rogers

Blake Rogers

Blake graduated from Baylor University in 2010 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and Minor in Chemistry. While completing coursework as a pre-medical student, he recognized the positive impact businesses could have on the quality and availability of healthcare. Blake joined the ESTEEM Program to learn the process of launching new medical therapies from the bench to the bedside. He graduated from ESTEEM in 2011.

Blake’s ESTEEM thesis involved evaluating the commercial potential of first-in-class antifreeze proteins and antifreeze glycolipids from Dr. Duman’s lab. These antifreeze molecules are useful across a variety of industries such as natural gas, agriculture, and tissue preservation. Blake focused his thesis on the use of antifreeze molecules for skin preservation in environmental extremes and during cosmetic medical procedures.

During his time in the ESTEEM Program, Blake was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with the research and development team of a privately owned laboratory that specialized in applied cryobiology and tissue preservation. After the ESTEEM Program, Blake joined Auxilium Pharmaceuticals as a Clinical Sales Associate. In this role, he was responsible for account management and market penetration of new company products at major medical centers in Texas.

The ESTEEM Program played a critical role in Blake’s career path by teaching him how to leverage scientific insight to evaluate the risk of high-technology business ventures. Most importantly, the ESTEEM Program taught him technical communications skills and how to act as a “translator” between diverse groups of professionals such as scientists and financiers.  

Currently, Blake is a Clinical Specialist in the Cardiac & Vascular Group at Medtronic and lives in Texas.