Astrid Kurniawan

Astrid Kurniawan

Astrid received her bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame in 2005. After graduation, she worked to research therapeutic targets for Multiple Sclerosis.  It was there that she became enthralled with the downstream mechanisms and levers of the technology transition process.  When a scientific breakthrough has occurred, what are the next steps and challenges to bring the product to market?  She decided to enroll in the inaugural ESTEEM class to supplement her scientific background with practical business acumen.  
As Astrid grew up in Indonesia and personally witnessed the healthcare and market access disparities in developing countries, she wanted to find new technologies to answer these global challenges.  Her thesis project involved developing a commercialization strategy for novel HIV viral monitoring devices in areas with limited resources.
The foundations Astrid learned through the ESTEEM program continues to give her the opportunity to work at the intersection of innovative medicine and business.  Her love for global health and innovation has most recently taken her to the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Malawi where she identified and recommended move forward decisions for promising therapeutics, diagnostics, and health technologies, and utilized appropriate market interventions to ensure greater access to testing and treatment in developing countries.