Ashley Kalinauskas

Ashley Kalinauskas

Ashley graduated from ESTEEM in 2013 and is CEO of Torigen Pharmaceuticals - a start-up that resulted from her capstone thesis project. Torigen and its first product are based upon the research of University of Notre Dame professor Mark Suckow. Torigen will also be the first company to receive funding from the Irish Innovation Fund.
Torigen Pharmaceuticals focuses on providing veterinary cancer care solutions for companion animals. Torigen’s first product, VetiVax, is a kit sold to veterinarians that uses a portion of the animal’s own tumor cells to create an individualized immunotherapy against their cancer. Each year, over 2 million companion animals are diagnosed with cancer, and over 40% of dogs and cats will develop cancer in their lifetime. Chemotherapy and radiation are the standard of care treatment options, but these are expensive (exceeding $10,000) and often have severe negative side effects. The VetiVax Treatment Kit is sold to the end client for under $1,000, and has been shown to have virtually no negative side effects. VetiVax offers personalized medicine to the veterinary market and reflects an innovative process in fighting cancer.