Anthony  O'Sullivan

Anthony  O'Sullivan

Anthony graduated with a BE in Civil & Environmental Engineering at University College Cork, Ireland. In his thesis project, Anthony investigated the commercialization and market potential of using ionic liquids in thermal cycles for waste heat recovery and as electrolytes in ultra-capacitors. His thesis work also included identifying potential emerging markets that the technology could expand to serve.

After ESTEEM, Anthony began working as a Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing IT Consultant in Chicago. He worked with clients such as DePaul University, Hillshire Farm Foods, and Tyson Foods. Recently, Anthony moved to Facebook, where he is implementing a system to help Facebook Client Services analyze performance of customer support with advertisers and allow real time analysis of call center interaction and performance.  Anthony also supports and implements data engineering projects. In addition, he performs considerable work on the business side where sales calls, proof of concepts with clients, and identifying new business relationships and contracts are key elements of his role. 

On how ESTEEM has affected his career, Anthony remarks that, “Identifying market trends for businesses as well as understanding how the entire business operates were two key points I took from my time at ESTEEM. Being in a position to understand key performance indicators and how they relate to the overall success of a company is a solid and necessary foundation to success in my industry. The education and growth I inherited from my time at ESTEEM has undoubtedly fast tracked my career, as I was able to empathize and provide strategic guidance to various types of companies from the start. In so doing, I am now being groomed by top executives in my company to be a future leader, driving further growth.”