Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller

Amanda earned a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Business from Saint Mary's College and is a 2014 graduate of the ESTEEM Program. Amanda was interested in both science and business and wanted to find a way to combine the two. The ESTEEM program was the perfect fit enabling her to continue both her science and business education after college. 

Amanda chose a thesis project that allowed her to work with professors at Saint Mary's and Notre Dame. She worked with Dr. Toni Barstis at Saint Mary's and Dr. Marya Lieberman at Notre Dame on the PADs project. PADs -- or paper analytical devices -- can detect substandard or counterfeit drugs rapidly using colorimetric chemistry tests pre-loaded onto a piece of paper the size of a business card. 

After graduating from ESTEEM, Amanda began working at Pharmaseek in Middleton, Wisconsin, where she does coverage analysis for clinical trials. She looks at each test taking place in a clinical trial to determine if the test is considered conventional care and can be billed to insurance or if the test will be paid for by the pharmaceutical company, and then she looks for gaps in the coverage where a hospital may lose money. Hospitals use this information to process billing claims as well as to build and negotiate budgets with pharmaceutical companies. Amanda uses skills she learned in ESTEEM every day in her work, and says the most important lesson she learned was the importance of understanding what the customer needs. Amanda also continues to manage the website -- developed in the ESTEEM business model canvas class -- along with five of her ESTEEM classmates.

About ESTEEM, Amanda says, "I loved ESTEEM because it allowed me to combine my interests of science and business, and it taught me valuable lessons -- like getting out of the building and talking to your customers. The small size of the program was also great because we formed a strong friendship as a class, and I have many happy memories of times spent together outside of the classroom."