Naughton FAQ

Fellowship Admissions/Application

What are the selection criteria?

The selection of the Naughton Fellows will be administered by the Naughton Fellowship Committee.

Significant importance and preference will be given to those candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, however, the committee will consider several criteria, including:

  • the interest, ability and potential of the candidate to study their chosen field;
  • the candidate’s capacity to complete the program of study successfully; and
  • the candidate’s desire and ability to serve as a cultural ambassador.

What does the application require?

Application requirements for the Naughton program are slightly different than those for other prospective students. Be sure you check here to know the most current Naughton Fellowship Application information.  Note that you can continue to add to your application via the online system as you go – it is only finally submitted when you click submit.  

When is the deadline?

The application deadline for the 2017 Naughton application is Friday, February 24, 2017.

How much does it cost to create an application?

The application fee is waived for students applying from Ireland. Once you have begun your application, email ESTEEM to obtain your waiver code.

Is there an interview stage?

Yes, candidates selected for further consideration by the Naughton Fellowship Committee will be invited to interview in Dublin.  The interview date for 2017 is Wednesday, March 29.

When will candidates be notified?

The tentative date for Naughton recipients to be notified is March 31, 2017.

Who is eligible for to apply for the Naughton Fellowship?

Students who apply to the ESTEEM program who are studying at

  • Dublin City University
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • University College Cork
  • National University of Ireland Galway

When does the program begin?

The ESTEEM Program is an 11-month Master's. Orientation will occur June 21-23 with classes beginning Monday, June 26, 2017.

Visa Requirements

What type of visa will I have during my time in the US?

  • F-1 student status, arranged through the University of Notre Dame.
  • Does not conflict with any previous J-1 Visas

Are there any costs associated with securing an F-1 visa?

  • $160 Application Fee

Life at the University of Notre Dame

What is the cost of living life at Notre Dame?

Monthly Basis (estimates based on previous student experience):

  • Food - $280/mo
  • Utilities - $50/mo
  • Rent - ~$500/mo

Is finding somewhere to live difficult?

No, the University has accommodation specifically tailored to graduate students. There is also an abundance of off-campus accommodation which students can consider (South Bend Student Housing, Notre Dame Off-Campus, Campus Housing SB). Since the program starts over the summer, it is generally an easy process to find somewhere to live. New students are strongly encouraged to reach out to past Naughton Fellows for advice and assistance with accommodation options.

What is the climate like?

During the summer months (July-September), temperatures average in the mid-20’s. However, during the winter months (December-March), temperatures are generally below freezing so winter wear is a must!  Don’t worry about packing winter wear, as the local options are more suitable and more affordable.

Have I heard of the Fighting Irish football team?

Definitely, American Football is an integral part of Notre Dame’s culture and constitutes a major element of University life. You may have heard of the University during the football team’s 2012 visit to Dublin to play Navy at the Aviva Stadium. During the fall semester, you will have an opportunity attend the home games the University hosts in its 80,000 seater stadium.   

Life in South Bend

Where is it and how do I get there?

Approximately 90 miles east of Chicago, South Bend lies in the heart of the American Midwest. Flights are available to South Bend airport from Chicago, New York, Detroit and other major American air hubs. The town is also serviced by two frequent rail services (South Shore Line, Amtrak) and various bus services (Greyhound, Coach USA).

What amenities are there in the area?

South Bend and the surrounding St. Joseph County Region is home to five major Universities and Colleges, houses several live theatres and concerts halls, has numerous museums and a public zoo as well as a great many places to work, play, and dine. Originally an industrial city, South Bend has reinvented itself as a technology hub and recently celebrated its 150th birthday!

Above all, the ESTEEM Program and the Naughton Fellowship will provide you with the business acumen required to complement your technical undergraduate, ultimately making you a more well rounded candidate for any professional opportunity. Take some time to explore past students on LinkedIn and on the ESTEEM Program website for examples of the endeavors that ESTEEM graduates have pursued.