Essay Questions

Please prepare brief essays in response to the following – your answers should be uniquely your own and well thought-out.

Essay Question #1 (limit 250 words)

Describe a laboratory or design project on which you worked as an undergraduate student or a research project at your current place of employment.  What were some of the challenges you encountered?  How did you overcome them?  Be sure to include what you learned from the experience and how this has shaped you into an excellent ESTEEM candidate.

Essay Question #2 (limit 250 words)

At ESTEEM we believe that we can provide of our students with the skills necessary to be successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.  However, we also believe we have an obligation to be a “powerful force for good in this country” i.e. that we can and should make a difference in the world.  Please share an idea for an innovation or technology that – if successfully brought to market – could have a significant social impact.